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Carl Liu’s book is published as Kindle ebook on Amazon worldwide


In the January 2013, it’s exciting to announce that we have published Carl Liu’s ‘Innovative Product Design practice’ to worldwide as a Kindle ebook format. Since it’s printed book version published in the year of 2007, it has been popularly used among schools and design industry. Now, by listing the book on Amazon worldwide can make the book more approachable for everyone who needs it. It’s available on Amazon websites in many countries, such as United States, UK, Germany, Japan, Italy, and Spain.
The purpose of publishing the book in Kindle ebook format is to make it easier for people to get this book. Here are the steps you need to follow in order to download the book to your portable devises.
1. Get a Kindle device,However, if you don’t have a Kindle device, it’s fine. You can download a free Kindle reader software to your phone, computer or tablets. The kindle reader can be downloaded to iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Mac computer, and Windows PC. Download here. 
2. Purchase the Carl Liu’s ebook ‘Innovative Product Design Practice’ on Amazon website, and than download it to your Kindle device or the free Kindle reader.
Now, you can enjoy the book. Please feel free to tell us your opinion or suggestions.

Published by AHUI on 28 Jan 2013

Carl Liu的书 “创新产品设计解析” 電子書在亚马逊开卖

在大家期待已久之下,我們很開心地告訴大家Carl Liu的書-”產品創意設計2 創新產品設計解析 Innovative Product Design Practice”已經在亞馬遜全球網絡書店開賣。為了滿足學校和業界各方熱烈需求,此書以電子書的形式出版將更方便大家的獲取。目前已經陳列於在亞馬遜的全球許多國家的網站上,例如美國,英國,意大利,德國,西班牙和日本,

1.首先準備一台Kindle閱讀器,如果你沒有也沒關係,你可以到亞馬遜網站下載免費的Kindle電子閱讀軟件,這軟件可以安裝在智慧型手機,平板電腦或是一般電腦裡。中國亞馬遜下載的軟件可適用於手機,平板電腦, 美國亞馬遜下載 的軟件可適用於手機,平板電腦以及一般電腦
2. 在亞馬遜網上書店購買此書“Innovative Product Design Practice”,並下載至您的Kindle電子設備,或手機,平板電腦或電腦的免費kindle閱讀軟件裡



Published by AHUI on 28 Jan 2013

Timeless Eames 不朽的伊姆斯

Timeless and Built to last are the ultimate goals I have been pursuing for my designs.
Charles Eames (1907-1978) was one of the best and influential furniture designer in America. Eames’s products were functional, aesthetical and ergonomical. Even though most of the designs are over fifty years old, they are still being mass produced all over the world.
It my tribute to my design idol Charles Eames for reconstructing on his Shell Chair. Stainless steel is a tough material. I chose it o replace the original fiber glass in order to make this classic design even more ” Timeless”.

不朽对我来说代表了Timeless 和 Built To Last . 这也是我在设计上希望终其一生追求的目标.
伊姆斯(Charles Eames,1907-1978)是美国最杰出、最有影响的少数几个家具与室内设计大师之一。伊姆斯的设计具有合乎科学与工业设计原则的结构、功能与外型,这一特征成为了他与之合作的米勒公司的设计特征,使米勒公司能在市场上立于不败之地。1946年,他采用多层夹板热压成型工艺设计的大众化廉价椅子是米勒公司在现代设计上的一次大转折,走向轻便化、大众化,并关注新材料及其制作工艺。他的设计作品对我个人踏入家具设计有深远的影响。从40年代到今天,处处还能经常见到他的作品在各种建筑家居环境中。浑然天成,经久耐用,历久弥新,堪称设计经典中的经典.
此次配合晒四不朽的主题,我希望能表达自己对大师的敬仰,用不锈钢材质来代替榉木板和玻璃纤维,复刻Eames经典的壳体椅, 呈现一种实质永久保存意义上的不朽,向设计大师伊姆斯致敬.



Published by AHUI on 06 Jan 2012

Taiji Chopsticks

Design by Carl Liu

In Asian philosophy, the concept of yin yang, is used to describe how polar opposites or seemingly contrary forces are interconnected and interdependent in the natural world, and how they give rise to each other in turn. Opposites thus only exist in relation to each other. Yin yang are not opposing forces, but complementary opposites that interact within a greater whole, as part of a dynamic system.  The concept of yin and yang is often symbolized by various forms of the Taijitu symbol, for which it is probably best known in western cultures.

Taiji Chopsticks are two identical chopsticks each representing yin and yang. the spiral design on chopstick top enable two chopsticks to intersect each other. Together, they form the Taiji symbol in preference to the idea of dynamic balance and endless energy.

Published by AHUI on 06 Jan 2012

Smile stool

Design by Carl Liu

Smile stool is designed with a pocket underneath the seat. The pocket storage provides a secure storage space for your iPad or laptop computer. Through daily observation, I have found more and more people take their iPad to bar or restaurant without a backpack or handbag. This built-in pocket is absolutely a nice-to-have feature for a generation of internet.
Smile stool is made of Alloy aluminum. It is durable but light weight.

Published by AHUI on 20 Nov 2011

晒上海 叁 Shine Shanghai 3 – 真实的谎言 True lies

Design by Carl Liu


真实中有谎言,谎言中也有真实…. 这个世界上不存在绝对的真实,也没有永远的谎言,真实和谎言同时并存,才能建构出所谓真实的人生。

Crystal glass

” I am nothing without you”There is no absolute truth and forever lie existing in reality. The fact is what so called truth and lie are co-exsiting in a real world.
The crystal tube is representing the truth when people scope the world with their own eyes; the crystal ball on the other hand is representing the lie because  it reflect the world upside down.
Together, the Truth and Lie work harmoniously and become a glass.As a whiskey or cocktail glass, the crystal ball can be put in the freezer as an ice-cube.

Published by AHUI on 20 Nov 2011

Taiwan Designer’s Week 2011 简“明”Mingnimum Chair

Design by Carl Liu


圈椅是明代家具中最為經典的代表作。圈椅原本是用於室內的椅子,我嘗試將其用於戶外環境,搭配金屬材質的冷峻,保持不變的線條特徵,但使整個椅子的風格更為干練和明快, 圓弧扶手的末端將線條抬高,形成了符合人機工程的手把,容易施力將自己拉起身,另外一個用處就是可以用來掛隨身的皮包和背袋. 圈椅的扶手與搭背形成的斜度,圈椅的弧度,座位的高度,這三度的組合,造就了比例協調的現代圈椅.

Mingnimum Chair

Ming Chair is one of the most significant art and craft achievement in Ming dynasty. Ming Chair was originally a indoor chair for lobby and living room but I wanted to make this Contemporary Ming Chair as a outdoor chair. The Mingnium chair is make of stainless steel. Its overall design is an even more simplified geometry than the original Ming Chair. I still keep the main characteristic of the curve arm but with a slight modification to extend a pair of upward handles for easy getting up. The handles are also hooks for hanging your bags or purses when enjoying the sunshine and a cup of coffee outdoor.

Published by AHUI on 20 Nov 2011

Taiwan Designer’s Week 2011 凳/几/架 Party Stool




Design by Carl Liu




這個作品的設計初衷是為了解決室內放傘的傘架. 傘架在不下雨的情況下是多餘不必要的,如果特別為了傘架而佔據家里或辦公室有限的空間,是件不明智的事.所以我想到將平時的圓木凳翻倒過來,便可以解決產生一個放傘的空間. 為了要承接雨水,自然需要一個容器來裝水. 那麼容器為什麼不能是座椅呢? 於是設計參考了中國古代的臉盆架, 演繹出了最終的設計方向. 除了是平時使用率最高的凳子,也可以將座面翻轉成果盤或零食盤,下雨時則是放傘的傘架, 一凳三用.


Party Stool


I am always struggled about buying a product for only occasional use. Umbrella stand is one of them. It takes out space and is only used for the raining day. I thought what if I could find a necessity at home then redefine and reinterpret its usages to bring new product experiences. Then I found wooden stools, it has a perfect structure to hold the umbrellas when it is up side down.

To receive the ripping water, the stool needs a container instead of a flat seat for the wet umbrellas. Here it is; an ordinary object acts like a stool for 90%, tea table for 7% and an umbrella stand for 3%.Smart! Isn’t it?

Published by AHUI on 20 Nov 2011

台湾设计师周五十礼 Taiwan Designer’s Week 2011- Fifity Gifts

Design by Carl Liu


我不得不承认对台南的特有人文风情不是特别了解,因为我从小是在台北长大的,在没有高铁的过去,下一趟台南不是说走就走的事, 所以我对台南的了解,除了最有名的几个小吃外,还停留在旅游导引的书上。在我数得出来的台南游历中,其实印象最深刻的是台南的红砖红瓦。那些在夕阳照射下红润饱满夹杂着斑驳的红墙和地砖和空气中漂浮的古朴,多年来还是能够那么逼真的呈现在脑海。这个强烈的印象也一直是我对外国友人介绍台南时的”官方说法”。大概自己在海外生活的时间久了, 有时候反而比较能从外来人的角度来审视自己的文化. 地方文化理解的层次虽然肤浅了些,但也许相对容易传达给更多的受众吧.台南是台湾的发源地,所以台南的红砖应该比台湾其他地方的红砖更有承载历史的价值。这次五十礼的伴手礼我希望以砖的形态发展出一个系列的商品,但由于时间的关系,可能选出两个可行方案。
方案一,茶砖:台南的茶商不少,近几年也在大力的拓展茶文化,也许老茶和天然健康的红色素结合,例如红杞,能变成有话题 性的礼品。
I really like the idea of introducing or reminding a culture character through a souvenir, therefore I’d like to design interesting local souvenirs as handy gifts for this exhibition.
My strong impression of Tainan was the friendly people and the orange brick walls all over the town. It’s a town of history and orange color. I decided to design a series of gifts/ souvenirs with a single brick form to well represent Tainan.

Concept 1, Tea Brick: Although Tainan doesn’t grow tea locally, it has a long history of tea distribution business and activities. Tea drinking is truly an appreciated habit for Tainan people. I was thinking to make the tea into a brick form for representing the bricks from Tainan as a souvenir.
Concept 2, T-shirt Brick: The weather in Tainan is rather warm and hot. A simple T-shirt can be wear through different seasons. I was thinking to make the t-shirts printed in selected Tainan historical tour sites as gifts for young audiences to get to know the town. Through a high- pressured vacuum forming , the t-shirts can be packaged like a brick.


Published by AHUI on 18 Nov 2011

NU Chair

Design by Carl Liu

Material: Alloy Aluminum

NU Chair is a side chair for both indoor and outdoor environment. It started as a challenge for me to use minimum aluminum sheet metal to make a lightweight but strong and durable chair. The inspiration was from crushing a piece of paper to form several creased surfaces to increase its stiffness. The creased surfaces were calculated and applied on the structural area of the chair which is the join between the seat and the back support. The making of the legs were similar to the top seating section. Metal sheets are cut and folded to form strong structure for holding weights. The entire chair weights about 5KG which is rather lightweight in comparison of other metal chairs. The designed creased surfaces make the overall chair design visually interesting and structurally substantial.

NU Chair 是一把设计适用于室内和室外的椅子。源于一个自我挑战的课题;如何能用尽可能少的铝合金材料设计出重量轻但耐久坚固的一张椅子。创意来源于一张背揉折过的纸。纸面揉折后所产生的皱褶让一张柔软的纸变得有强壮有支撑力。这些在椅面和椅背的过度所切削出的折面是设计和计算过能够承受一个成年人的体重压力。椅脚的部分也是以同样类似的手法尽可能地减少材料的浪费及应用而且保证有效的强度。整张椅子重约5公斤,相对其他的金属椅子还是比较轻的。特殊折面的切削应用不仅让NU Chair的外观设计新颖并且使整张椅子的结构更坚固。



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